NetApp SAN solutions increase data storage performance, availability, and efficiency

As an approved partner of NetApp technology in the UK, Bates IT are now able to offer NetApp SAN systems to the market at extremely competitive levels of discount. NetApp Systems provide the performance, scalability and reliability that you would expect of enterprise grade storage arrays, but are now suitable for deployment into SMB and Mid-Market organisations due to the continually reducing cost of Solid State Storage (SSD’s). With the launch of the new E2800 all flash SAN, NetApp are bringing to market the first truly affordable all flash block level storage array for SMB and Mid-Market Organisations. If you thought NetApp was expensive, think Again! With over 700,000 systems running worldwide and over 20 years of continual innovation and evolution, E-Series offers the highest level of performance, application availability (99.999%) and reliability for its price.

  • Grows with your business – modular scalability from TB’s to PBs.
  • Extremely High mean time to failure rate for Hardware. One of the highest in the industry.
  • Increased performance and responsiveness with hybrid SSD and All Flash SSD options.
  • Increased Flexibility – E-Series allows intermixing of drive types to maximise performance and minimise cost. Supports SATA SAS and SDD drives.
  • Provides Enterprise reliability and 99.999% application availability.
  • Tried and Tested Architecture, Over 20 years of research and development have gone into making E-2800 the fastest and most powerful block level storage platform in the world today.
  • Low disk rebuild time with Dynamic Disk Pool Feature allows you to recover much more quickly than the competition.


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